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Ms. Maelle Collot
A native of France, Maelle felt in love with charitable works when she was only in her teens. This resolve inspired her to participate in many humanitarian activities at school and later on doing extensive volunteer works in Togo - Africa. Over 6 years, she has been managing hotels in Zanzibar and partaking in several local community development initiatives on the island she is a co-founder of Our Farm Zanzibar.
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Mr. Toufiq S. Turky
Toufiq is a passionate and a multitalented leader with first class communication skills and a long track record of successful management. He is currently the Head of Vigor Group of Companies, that has heavily invested in economic sectors such as health care, Hospitality, Energy, communication & services, merchandize, logistics, hospitality, green energy, manufacturing, petroleum & gas, infrastructure and financial services. His company has created several employment opportunities for the local community and he has been involved in many philanthropic projects for the development of the community at large.
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Mr. Kombo Yahya Machano
Executive Member
Kombo is a Zanzibari national and an Executive member of Our Farm Zanzibar with over eight years of experience working in the hospitality industry across multicultural settings. He excels at mobilizing the masses and imparting in them the values of innovation, entrepreneurship, resilience and working for the common good of the society. Kombo is a powerful force in the workplace and uses his positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to work hard and succeed.
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Mr. Yves Montel
Yves has been working for 30 years in various managerial roles in over 12 countries around the world. He settled in Zanzibar in 2009 where he owns few hotels that he manages. French honorary consul in Zanzibar, Yves is very active in the community though different CSR activities specially the funding of Our Farm Zanzibar.
Mr. Omar Mohamed Juma
Executive Member
Omar is a private contractor, engineer and project manager with over 20 years experience. As a seasoned professional, he has over the years been reputed for driving fast project completion, maximizing operational excellence & minimizing project costs whilst maintaining high standards. He has been involved with many rehabilitation project of the UNESCO buildings of Stonetown Zanzibar such as the Old dispensary. 
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Mrs Caroline Cance
Finance Manager

Over 7 years, including 3 years in Zanzibar, Caroline has been working in hospitality. Participating in a community and development project has always been one of her main life goals. Caroline took part in this adventure with the co-founders from the beginning, as the finance manager of Our Farm Zanzibar.

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Mrs Rhoda Kadaso

Ms. Rhoda Kadaso got different positions in the agricultural sector after she graduated from Sokoine University of Agriculture. Passionate and sociable, she has conducted different trainings with farmers such as good agricultural practices and improved production technologies with TAHA and USAID. As our agronomist, she is monitoring the whole production and implementing organic practices.

Mr Emmanuel Shayo
Farm Manager

Emmanuel was working in different part of Tanzania as an agronomist with TAHA and Rijk Zwaan. Inquisitive and self-taught, he established different demo plots in Mwanza, Tanzania and managed different teams in farms. Now, he is farm manager in Kiboje and supervising crops production as well as staff.

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