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In Kisaka saka, Our Farm Zanzibar is also dealing with processed products by producing cheeses. All cheeses are made with cow’s milk, purchased from a local producer based in the centre of the island. To ensure the shelf life of dairy products, cheeses are pasteurised. Indeed, as consumers’ health is our priority, pasteurisation is the most efficient way to prevent cheeses from containing dangerous bacteria and pathogens.

Five main types of cheese are produced: 


  • Camembert, which is a moist, soft, creamy, surface-ripened cow’s milk cheese. It was first made in the late 18th century at Camembert, Normandy, in northwest France. It is sometimes compared in look and taste to brie cheese.

  • Pasteurised cow cheese which is a soft white creamy cheese, delightful on a top of bread or cheesecake recipe.

  • Green & spices, which is a pasteurised cow cheese mixed with vegetables, onion, and garlic. Perfect on a top of toasted bread with olive oil!

  • Red & spices, which is a pasteurised cow cheese mixed with red pepper bell and spices such as cardamom, ginger or black pepper. As Green & spices, both can be added in your mixed salad to bring freshness and taste.

  • Marinated cow cheese in olive oil with Safran which is soft white creamy cheese marinated to develop specific taste and allow consumers to keep it longer.

Our Farm Zanzibar is producing cheeses in Zanzibar as many expatriates are asking for it and this sector is not yet developed on the island. Making cheeses is a great opportunity for us as this sector has a huge potential and because many customers already loved our products! 

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