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CSA - Community Supported Agriculture

A CSA is a community-based organization of growers and consumers. The consumer households live independently, but agree to provide direct, up-front support for the local growers who produce their food. The growers agree to do their best to provide a sufficient quantity and quality of food to meet the needs and expectations of the consumers. In this way the farms and families form a network of mutual support. Within this general framework there is wide latitudes for variation, depending on the resources and desires of the participants

What We Offer

  • Employment to our local managers to supervise the different plots and teams of local farmers

  • Purchase of material and seeds only in Tanzania and Zanzibar

  • Professional training to our staff

  • Quality products made in Zanzibar (reducing the transport pollution)

  • Creating organic farms and training farmers on that new & sustainable approaches

  • Funding a training center in hospitality in order to train the future local staff and hotel managers

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