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Animal Farm


In Chwaka, in Filao Beach Zanzibar, Our Farm Zanzibar has a goat farm with more than 70 goats.


They enjoy the lush green surroundings that is an extension of the Jozani forest ecosystem. The conditions offer ideal environment for the rearing of livestock particularly goats that are indigenous to the region.

The goats are fed with organic food sourced locally and have the chance not only to be zero grazed but also to roam around and enjoy the farm.


They are currently only kept for meat production, and we’re using their manure in our compost to develop use of organic fertilizers.


The chicken farm is located at Michamvi Bay on the South-Eastern coast of Zanzibar. It is home to a large number of chickens (1200 broilers) that are sorely kept for their meat.


In Michamvi, chickens benefit from lush green and fresh air which ensure their comfort. With modern methods of rearing chicken, Our Farm Zanzibar make sure chickens will enjoy their life especially with the organic food sourced locally they get every day.

Moreover, we use natural treatments from Zanzibar, allowing our chickens to boost their growth without food supplements or injections. According to a precise schedule, each day is dedicated to a specific mix composed of pilipili (chili), ginger, onion, garlic or cardamon to improve their immune system.


Always with the perspective of sustainable agriculture, chicken manure is collected and reused in the compost in order to prevent use of conventional fertilizers and lead to organic practices.

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