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Our Story

Our-farm-Zanzibar is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that operates 4 different farms, totaling 11 acres, that produces fruits and organic vegetables, pastured poultry, goats & pasteurized cow cheese, and Oyster Mushrooms


The founders of the NGO are 2 French nationals that are based in Zanzibar since 2009 who run hotels (i.e. Filao Beach Zanzibar, Pearl Beach Resort & Spa Zanzibar and Indigo Beach Zanzibar) and employed over 200 local staff pre-Covid 19.


As a result of the Pandemic the NGO has, by large, been created in order to

  • Offering support to the families of our ex-hotel employees.

  • Offering professional Agro-bio training to our staff

  • Offering quality & mainly bio-products from Zanzibar

  • Funding a training center in hospitality to train the future local staff and hotel managers

Farmers Illustration
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